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Keep up with the guy you've gotten to grow with for the past 20+ years on the radio in Southern California.

Beginning his journey as host of a weeknight Slow Jam show, Loos has played the music we love, while talking to some of the biggest names in music, film, comedy & television.
Making Youtube a staple for every Radio Station & Personality, He's much more than the "radio guy" in his neighborhood & community.

He's spoken at schools in every market he's done radio, encouraging students to be the best version of themsleves in everything they do!!


Empowering our next generation of driven, forward thinking creatives with the iDream Society leadership team. He also proudly serves on the board of the Youth Mentoring Action Network.  

Loos' professional path continues at Apple Music where he's hosted Playlists broadcasting to over 100 countries, and now is across programming, and curating content for Apple Music 1.

You can listen & subscribe to his podcast

“REAL TALK with Chris Loos" 


Keep up with Loos via his Social handles below...


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