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Loos is a seasoned music industry expert with over two decades of experience. You've accompanied him on this journey through the airwaves of Southern California for the past 20+ years.

Commencing his career as the host of a weeknight Slow Jam show, Loos has been the purveyor of the music we cherish, engaging in conversations with some of the most prominent figures in music, film, comedy, and television. Revolutionizing the presence of radio stations and personalities on YouTube, he transcends the label of the "radio guy" within his neighborhood and community.

Beyond the mic, he’s delivered motivational talks at schools across various radio markets, inspiring students to strive for the best version of themselves in all their pursuits. As founder of the iDream Society, he actively empowers the next generation of innovative and forward-thinking creatives. 

His professional journey has now led him to Apple Music, where he continues to make an indelible mark in the music industry, seamlessly blending experience with a passion for fostering talent, curating music, and connecting with global audiences.

You can listen & subscribe to his podcast

“REAL TALK with Chris Loos" 


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