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Consultation with Loos

The business of music can be very intimidating & overwhelming!!

Loos is NOT the "Make you a Star" consultant!! We're going to help get a plan together that will move you closer to your goal. There are several "Industry" people you could talk to, and it'd be great to speak to as many of them as you can. Get the best perspective on this business for yourself. Loos has been in radio for over 20 years and gotten to see the music industry shift from Major Labels dominating, to independent Artists killing it!

These sessions are about learning what your goals are, and creating the best plan to help you achieve that goal. PERIOD. We're here to be a step along your path to success!! Everyone's goals are different. If it’s growing your Social media, rolling out a mixtape, EP, Album, or video, we'll figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. We can schedule a FREE 10 minute call, skype, or whatsapp and move forward from there.

These are a few ways I can help

  • Tackle your burning questions about the Music Business.

  • Recognize what you're trying to accomplish with your Music, Production or both.

  • Website & Social Site set ups necessary for you.

  • Better Social Media awareness to engage most effectively on each platform.

  • Go over Custom marketing Strategy.

  • Branding advice specific to your Project.

  • How to Understand your Brand better in its Entirety. 

  • Develop a Social Content Calendar. ​ 

Here's What Happens Next:

1. We Discuss How I Can Help you:

​Leave your email below to lock in a FREE 10 minute call via Skype or FaceTime.

2. Map out Your Plan:

After talking we’ll know exactly what we’re going over as we create a plan that will work best for your project. 

3. Work the Plan:

Once you’ve had 30days to implement the strategies discussed, we’ll hop on a call to discuss how things are going.


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